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Sylvester 1977

Portrait,in oil, of Sylvester a native American model,painted from life.

I painted this portrait ,from life, in 1977. This was one of the first painting sessions that I joined  a group of St.Louis illustrators and was the beginning of many years of painting from a model with this group of friends. I sold this painting to another artist, while I was employed at Maritz Motivation Company. It had hung along with other of my illustrations in the company art gallery.
Several years later this same model posed, and I took reference photos of him posing.
scanI used this photo as reference for an oil painting. I will describe the painting process of this painting on my next blog.


oil on canvas sketch by John Foster Dyess

I’ve been completing some unfinished art projects this week that have been laying around my studio for to long a time. This is a oil sketch from life of a young woman, I painting several years ago. I painted on it for about an hour today, from a photograph that i took during the model session.
The size is 12″ wide by 15″ high.


This is a painting of a model I painted with other artists, mostly illustrators from the St.Louis area during the 1980’s. This 16″ x 20 ” oil on canvas painting is for sale for $85 plus shipping. If interested contact me at


I painted this oil on paper painting of a model, in the 1980’s, at a painting session with other artists, mostly illustrators. This 17″ wide x 18″ high painting is for sale for $50 plus shipping.




Yesterday,I showed my illustrations students, paintings from life ,that I have created while attending painting groups, in the St.Louis region. I teach these students at St.Louis Community College at Meramec.I will share these paintings ,that I showed my students yesterday and paintings I show them in the future. This painting is oil on Plyex canvas board and is 13.5″x13.5″ These paintings are for sale.  This one is $300.00 plus shipping cost.        John Dyess


This is a detail of the painting.





Painting study of model named Stephanie

Today I worked on a tempera painting that I had started of a model several months ago. The model posed at Webster Groves Christian Church where a painting group paints from a model twice a month. I used Tempera paint on a canvas which is 24″ wide x 30 ” high. I may do some additional work on this painting.

Detai of painting

detail of painting

Photo of Stephanie

photo of the model