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CHA Country doctor

Country Doctor
This is one of three illustrations created for the 1992 Annual Report of Christian Health System. The client wanted to show a Model T Ford going down a country road. Each illustration had to depict the moon and an American flag. 

I had an art gallery opening “to Everything there is a Season ” of my paintings and drawings on May 20,2018 at the Gallery Within- Webster Groves Christian Church.
I arranged the 77 images of my art into 14 categories to explore themes of freedom, wonder, nature, and more ,accompanied by complimentary lyrics, poetry, literature and scripture.  The show will be open until July 8, 2018, Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Webster Groves Christian Church is located at 1320 W. Lockwood Ave. St. Louis, MO 63122. More information about this show can be found at
wanderer word
Wanderer is one of the categories and contains a story that I wrote in 1970 about the trips my family took to visit  relatives in Louisiana. Country Doctor was one of the images in this category.

Small Town

My first long trip, traveling in a four door 1936 Chevy. My Dad always owned Chevys when I was a boy.Reading Burma Shave signs as we traveled through Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi: M-IS, S-I-S, S-I-P-P-I. A jingle my brother and I sang .As our ‘36 drove down that never ending two lane highway. Movin’ me down the highway. Through flooded roads, winding through small southern towns.

Headin’ for Looseanna.

Looseanna – Spanish moss, Pine trees, Huey Long, frog giggin’, cotton mouths, Boy, Yankees, slot machines at every restaurant and grocery store. Aunt Ada and Uncle Rudy’s filling station and grocery store.Outside the store, oil cans, bottle caps, hundreds!Reading comic books, Shazam and the Katzenjammer Kids. The old gas pumps. Why did they change those pumps -progress?

Million dollar road. A one and a half lane road, Gravel covered, dust clouding our way to Aunt Minnie and Uncle Urah’s house,In Covington, Louisiana.Never changing, ever changingGeneration after generationSmall town. —John Dyess circa 1970

My father was born in Covington, Louisiana in 1910. He drove a Model A Ford to St. Louis around 1932. He had a limited education, but by studying at night was able to become a radio engineer at WTMV in East St. Louis, Illinois. He married my mother in 1933 when she was just 17 years old.
Homeward Bound 1
This painting ,which is in the category Wanderer,  is based on a photograph that I took of a highway while driving home after teaching an art class at Jefferson College in Missouri about ten years ago. I named this painting Homeward Bound. This is a scene my father would have seen while driving to St.Louis from Louisiana around 1931.