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Beast of Burden

This is my latest image that I created  to add to my portfolio “Black Shapes and Textures. I started and finished it tonight. The art influence is cave paintings.

Inner Space 7 final

“Global Warming” by John Foster Dyess 

This image started as a combination of digital photographs, I took of several objects and scans of textures I created. I combined the photographs and textures in the software Photoshop. I began to see various forms in my Photoshop creation and enhanced these forms using Photoshop brushes.
After I had completed my digital image I had it printed on canvas and using oil paint I glazed over the print. I have painted shapes and forms like I would if I were viewing ,with my eyes, a landscape. The difference is that this landscape painting exists in my brain.My original title was Inner Space 7, which I changed recently to Global Warming. I think the painting was speaking to me.

Global warming detail 1

This is a detail from the painting. I thought about the threat to coral reefs by,over fishing,destructive pollution,and global warming.


This part of the painting reminded me of hurricanes,and the change in recent weather patterns.

creature in distress

I see a distressed ocean creature in this detail.

art prints of this painting and other prints of my art can be purchased at



Sylvester 1977

Portrait,in oil, of Sylvester a native American model,painted from life.

I painted this portrait ,from life, in 1977. This was one of the first painting sessions that I joined  a group of St.Louis illustrators and was the beginning of many years of painting from a model with this group of friends. I sold this painting to another artist, while I was employed at Maritz Motivation Company. It had hung along with other of my illustrations in the company art gallery.
Several years later this same model posed, and I took reference photos of him posing.
scanI used this photo as reference for an oil painting. I will describe the painting process of this painting on my next blog.


photograph of Jim Frederick

Gallery Within

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.56.41 PM

Paintings by Jim Frederick

Please join us for the exhibit of Jim’s paintings at Webster Groves Christian Church on Friday March 31,2017 from 5:00pm until 7pm.All are welcome to attend.
Webster Groves Christian Church 1320 W. Lockwood Blvd.,St.Louis ,MO 63122


“Going Home” Painting by John Foster Dyess

This oil on canvas print is from a photograph I took about eight years ago.It is 17″ wide by 11″ high.This painting is one of a series of paintings of Missouri roads and highways.


Found art by John Foster Dyess

Friends gave me this drop cloth which they had used when spaying patio furniture with black paint. I thought this was an interesting design and I decided not to use it as a drop cloth on this side. I took a digital photograph of the design and aded color to it the photograph using the software Photoshop.


detail from Matthia’s Grunewald- Isenheim Alterpiece

Donald Trump says “Torture absolutely works” The Romans also believed that torture works.

Miles Davis Jazz Track

Miles Davis Jazz Track

This is a continuation of my previous post showing covers of vinyl albums ,most of which my father,a radio engineer, brought home from radio station WTMV,after these albums were discarded. Stamped on the back of some of these albums is, not for sale. Most are from the 1950’s and 1960’s. I chose to show the albums which interest me for their graphic design, illustrations, and paintings.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet album cover 1962

The Dave Brubeck Quartet album cover 1962


Jazz,Folk,Pop 1957

I like the graphic design of this cover.

back of album Jazz,Folk,Pop

back of album Jazz,Folk,Pop

This is the back of the album Jazz,Folk,Pop with notes written by an unknown DJ. I mentioned in yesterday’s post,that WTMV was an entry station for “black” DJ’s,during the 1940’s and 1950’s.



portrait of Tony november 2013

portrait of Tony November 2013

The portrait of Tony was painted during a drawing and painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church and was attended by other artists that are members of a drawing and painting meetup group in the St.Louis,Missouri area. This session was for two hours. Painting size is 16″wide by 20″high and is painted with poster paint on canvas.

mixed media painting of the Gateway Arch

mixed media painting of the Gateway Arch

This painting will be for sale at the Queeny Park Fall Art Fair,August 30,August 31 and September 1.