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DCF 1.0

This is a my photograph of tin snips and a cut up can of ginger ale soda.


DCF 1.0

Several years ago I was watching a U 2 concert on television and took photos of the screen.Here a a few of these photos. I find the blurred images very interesting. I painted some areas using a Photoshop brush.

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0



This image is a digital photograph of my television screen of a televised Stl. Baseball game. I enhanced the photo in Photoshop.

hidden woman

Photograph by John Foster Dyess

DCF 1.0

This image is based on a photograph that I took of a musician playing a trumpet. 

broken ornament

broken – having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order: a broken arm. • (of a relationship) ended, such as through infidelity: a broken marriage. • denoting a family in which the parents are divorced or separated: he grew up poor in a broken family | unable to survive in this broken household. • (of an agreement or promise) not observed by one of the parties involved. 2 (of a person) having given up all hope; despairing: he went to his grave a broken man.

Do not write on Brick

I took a photograph of this graffiti inside of a restaurant yesterday. Writing on the walls of the waiting area of this restaurant is encouraged. I have enhanced the photograph in Photoshop by painting over the photo with the paintbrush tool and increased the saturation of the color. This image is similar to other photos I have taken of graffiti and than enhanced in Photoshop.

*”Kilroy was here !”
*Kilroy – The little cartoon bald head, peering over a fence that hid everything except his eyes and his long U-shaped nose … and sometimes his fingers, gripping the top of the fence. And his proclamation, “Kilroy was here.” Kilroy was here, or Kilroy for short, is a popular military graffiti depicting a man with a long nose peeking over the top of a wall.
Graffiti itself goes back to ancient times.

I want to thank  followers of my blog and all those that are looking at my blog
posts. Most of my posts relate to visual art, including a lot of my visual art.
Happy New Year !




DCF 1.0

During the 1990’s I purchased a used clothing store mannequin to use as photo reference for an illustration assignment. I have also used that mannequin for personal photographs.

DCF 1.0

mannequin and it’s shadow

Dyess Family Christmas 1987 and 2018

This 1987 photo was the first of the “children posing on stairs” photographs taken at the Dyess family Christmas gatherings. Starting at the bottom stair is my daughter Audrey and going clockwise is my daughter Christy,  my nephew  David, my son Mark  my nephew Scott, my son Mike, my niece Debby

Dyess Family Christmas 2018

This Dyess Christmas gathering “family stairs photo” was taken Saturday December 22, 2018. Starting at the bottom left of the stairs is my grandson Dominic, my daughter Audrey’s son and going clockwise up the stairs is grandson Ryan, my son Mike’s son, my grandson Brady, Mark’s son, my grandson Mason, Mark’s son, my grandson Devon, Mike’s son, in the middle my granddaughter Delanie, Christy’s daughter, next to her my grand-daughter Claire, Christy’s daughter, and below her my grand-daughter Sophia, Audrey’s daughter.

Santa Rita 3

My drawing “Santa Rita” is based on a photograph that I took of an elderly woman selling flowers and plants in an outdoor market on a street in Guanajuato City,Mexico. I was visiting with friends in June of 2015. I began this drawing several months ago and finished it today, December 16, 2018.