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DCF 1.0

I began the Journal of Seeing blog on October 19,2010 with a photograph of my older brother Ronald and I sitting outside on the steps of our house. I was about five years old. I have decided to repost some of the images I have posted during the last seven years. They are photographs I have taken and art I have created. This photo was taken about 2004 with my first digital camera, a Minolta Damage 5414. The morning sun was casting shadows of a vase , bottle and drink glass. The reflection-refraction of the sun passing through the glass caught my eye. The title I gave to this image is “Morning Sun”.


“light bird” photograph by John Foster Dyess


“bottle light” photograph by John Foster Dyess


“I can’t name this” photograph by John Foster Dyess


“crown of light ” light photograph by John Foster Dyess

My photograph “crown of Light ” was taken with my first digital camera, about twelve years ago. The camera was a Minolta Dimage S414 and was 4 mega pixels.
Taking photographs with a digital camera gave me the freedom to record images I would  not have taken, because of the cost of developing prints from film. This also changed the way I looked at the visual world around me. This was one of the first photos I took of a caustic light.  I saw this image on the living room floor and it came from the brass frame around a fireplace door. After recording this image I began to observe and record light. Not the way light falls on objects,which I have painted many times but light as an object.
I think of these photographs as light poetry.
I have also called this photograph “crown of thorns”.
John Foster Dyess