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Illustration of pirates by John Foster Dyess,1970.s

I created this illustration while employed as an artist at Maritz Motivation Company. I don’t remember the name of the client. I believe this illustration was created in 1976,or 1977. I had several Maritz artist pose as pirates. The illustration  is  pen and ink and water based paint. The map was printed on a black and white copy machine , hand colored and glued on the illustration.  The pirate chest and money were copied on a color copy machine  from a book, cut out and glued on the illustration. Copy machines in the 1970’s and 1980’s ,for me, were a great tool. Now I would work traditionally on part of the illustration and then add the map, money and chest on a layer in Photoshop.


map detail from pirate illustration


pirate chest and coins detail from pirate illustration.



Digital art of a Tall Ship mast by John Foster Dyess

This digital art of a sailing ship mast was based on a photograph I took while visiting North Carolina. There was a Tall Ship gathering while myself and my wife were visiting there.
This art is available as a print and is also available printed on towels,pillows tote bags
T shirts,cups and other items. To view this art and other of my paintings and drawings please visit