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Fusion, or synthesis, is the process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.

My oil over a digital canvas print is 32″ wide x 48″ high and is from my series of paintings that I call Inner Space.



I’m working on this digital painting “Formation” which will be part of my “Inner Space” series.

Inner Space 7 final

“Global Warming” by John Foster Dyess 

This image started as a combination of digital photographs, I took of several objects and scans of textures I created. I combined the photographs and textures in the software Photoshop. I began to see various forms in my Photoshop creation and enhanced these forms using Photoshop brushes.
After I had completed my digital image I had it printed on canvas and using oil paint I glazed over the print. I have painted shapes and forms like I would if I were viewing ,with my eyes, a landscape. The difference is that this landscape painting exists in my brain.My original title was Inner Space 7, which I changed recently to Global Warming. I think the painting was speaking to me.

Global warming detail 1

This is a detail from the painting. I thought about the threat to coral reefs by,over fishing,destructive pollution,and global warming.


This part of the painting reminded me of hurricanes,and the change in recent weather patterns.

creature in distress

I see a distressed ocean creature in this detail.

art prints of this painting and other prints of my art can be purchased at



Alternative Universe 2

Yesterday I started and finished this image ,which I have titled “Alternative Universe”. It is part of a body of art, I call “Inner Space”, that I have been creating for about two years. This image represents energy and movement. A new universe forming.

Screen shot from the movie Bladerunner


Screen shot of digital bill board from the Big Gulp

A friend,Gregg Eilers, that is a senior creative director at switch liberate your brand agreed to speak to my illustration class on December 7,2012. He sent a link to the Big Gulp to show on this blog post. This link to the Big gulp talks about (OOH) digital-out-of-home marketing. When I first viewed this blog article I thought of scenes from the movie Blade Runner which showed many digital billboards. That movie was created thirty years ago and took place in Los Angeles during 2019.