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12.Gass House Gang copy

mixed media illustration of the St.Louis Cardinals Gashouse Gang by John Foster Dyess

This illustration of the St.Louis Cardinals Gashouse Gang was created while I was employed as an illustrator at Maritz Motivation Company,which was near St.Louis Missouri. I was employed there from 1969 until 1980. I painted this illustration using Dr.Ph.Martin’s watercolors,pencil an liquid acrylic gel mixed with watercolor on illustration board. The original was around 16″x16″.I used bleach that was  applied using a cotton swab in the area around home plate to wipe away some of the brown water color. This was one of the illustrations for the stock campaign Team Power.

palette Dr.Martin Dyes and pro white paint

butcher tray palette,Dr.Ph.Martin’s water color, sable brushes and Pro White paint.

Occasionally I would mix Pro White paint with water color to create a semi opaque paint.


Winston Churchill portrait byJohn foster Dyess

I used Dr. Ph. Martin’s water color and Pro White paint on smooth illustration board on this portrait painted during the 1970’s.

25.Benny Goodman

The Benny Goodman Quartet by John Foster Dyess

This is another Team Power Illustration,which was painted using water color, pencil and dye spray paint on illustration board.

10.Byrd and Bennett

Illustration of Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett ,their Fokker trimotor plane,and a map of the North Pole. They were the first to fly over the North Pole,in 1926

Anther Team Power mailer created using water color and pencil on illustration board.

27.A Taste of the Bahamas 1979

illustration promoting a trip to the Bahamas by John Foster Dyess. Created using water color and pencil on mat board.


Scott Roy was one of the sixteen artist participating in the Convergence show in the St.Louis Community College -Meramec Gallery . He was a student at STLCC for seven years. He was homeless twice during that time. His photo project was created to let others know that the homeless are people too.

The gallery located in the Humanities East building room 133
11333 Big Bend Road 63122-5720. The gallery phone is 314 984 7632

Matt Washausen poster assignment

Matt Washausen Justice poster 

justice quotes

justice quotes

Justice design by Paris Brown

Justice design by Paris Brown

I gave an assignment to my Drawing for Graphics Class at Meramec Community College during the Spring semester of 2015. Below is the assignment. The students were required to to draw 20 idea thumbnails and to write a statement about their visual solution to this assignment.
Assignment: Justice Assignment Description: A definition from the dictionary defines justice as: “ Just behavior or treatment: a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people.” “ Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerous structured dams that block the flow of social justice.” Martin Luther King Jr. For this assignment I want you to create an image that describes what justice means to you and describes what you can do as an individual to promote justice. You are to create a design that would be used as a poster size print and also that would be shown online in social media. The focus of this assignment is the concept / idea and the design you create that represents this idea. This assignment is about putting your idea into image form.

Paris Brown thumbnails

Paris Brown Thumbnails

Paris Brown Thumbnails

Paris Brown statement

Paris Brown statement

painting of pedestrian symbol by JoDye

painting of pedestrian symbol by JoDye

This painting was purchased by the pastor of Webster Groves Christian Church, Jeff Moore, for use as a  give away drawing
in booth G-24, during PrideFest in St. Louis Missouri. This booth is shared by Union Avenue Christian Church and Liberation Christian Church, all Disciples of Christ Christian churches in the St.Louis area. Union Avenue Christian Church is giving away two tickets to a Union Avenue Opera  Theater production of  Madame Butterfly, and Liberation Christian Church is giving away a gift basket. Free water bottles are also provided for visitors to our booth. This painting will be available for viewing from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow June 30.  Below is a flyer designed and written by my wife Carolyn,which was next to my painting in booth G-24.

Walking Without Feet flyer

Walking Without Feet flyer

You may have your own thoughts on what this image says to you.
For sale prints are available upon request. Contact John Dyess at

Gentiles Only

Gentiles Only

A  member from the church I attend ,Webster Groves Christian Church, is a docent at the St.Louis Holocaust Museumand gave his first tour Sunday. Myself and other members of the church were part of the tour. I took photographs of the museum exhibits and will be showing them on this week’s posts.



lost in the Holocaust

lost in the Holocaust

A  member from the church I attend ,Webster Groves Christian Church, is a docent at the St.Louis Holocaust Museumand gave his first tour yesterday. Myself and other members of the church were part of the tour. I took photographs of the museum exhibits and will be showing them on this week’s posts.



St. Louis Gateway Arch

This painting of the St. Louis Gateway Arch was based on photographs I took. I took photos of the Arch from many angles and chose the angle taken when the Sun was low in the sky before sunset. I entered this mixed media painting in the Arts for the Parks competition,which encouraged artists to create paintings of National Parks. This painting wasn’t chosen but several years later another painting I did of the Statute of Liberty was accepted in the the top two hundred paintings selected.
Reproduction rights to this painting of the Arch were sold to the St.Louis University School of Medicine. A friend, Michael Smit, was the designer of this poster. Below is a detail from the painting. I began the painting drawing a pencil grid on illustration board. Sunlight on the North leg was very important to me. The size of this painting is 18″ wide by 24″ high.

Detail from the painting of the St.Louis Gateway Arch by John Foster Dyess

portrait of Denny McDaniel by John Foster Dyess

I believe this was the first time I used squares in my illustrations and paintings. I will be posting other images that contain squares in future posts. This illustration was created for print advertisement for Firstbank in St.Louis in 1980. The art director gave me a lot of freedom in the design and technique of this illustration. This was a series of portraits, created by many St. Louis illustrators, of business owners that used Firstbank. I did three drawings in this series.This is a portrait of Denny McDaniel,President of Southwest Truck Body. His company built truck bodies, for the U.S. Army, that contained many compartments and that is why I choose to use the square design in this illustration. This layout was my concept. The art director gave me black and white photos of Denny in different poses and photos of the truck bodies built by Southwest Truck Body.  This is a graphite pencil drawing on cold press illustration board that had a coat of gesso painted on the surface. The size was about thirty inches wide by twenty inches high. Denny McDaniel was given the drawing.

Firstbank advertisement

These ads appeared in newspapers and trade magazines.

Porcelain Dragon

Last Friday my wife and I went to the “Lantern Festival: Art by Day,Magic by Night” at The Missouri Botanical Garden, which is in St.Louis Missouri, where I took photos of the Lantern Exhibits. Hundreds of other people were also taking photos of these lanterns,with their excellent cameras, so I’m sure the photos I am sharing on this post are not unique. I chose three that I thought shows my vision of this art.The above photo is from the display titled Porcelain Dragon which was actually two dragons facing each other. I was attracted to the smoke coming out of the dragons head plus the shapes  of the porcelain plates. This installation consisted of 40,000 individual pieces of porcelain tied together using ancient techniques.

Nine-Dragon Mural

This is another dragon display and I took this photo because I liked the shapes and colors. I did some work in photoshop and cropped the photo to make it more interesting visually to me.

Blissful Wedding

As I was walking by the lanterns I was attracted by the silhouettes of the viewers standing in front of the lanterns. I cropped this photo and adjusted the contrast.