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Wicker basket with apples and pears

“Wicker Basket with Apples and Pears” mixed media on paper

Recently I have been taking an inventory of the visual art I have created during the last 60 plus years. I will be posting images of many of my drawings, paintings , illustrations and photographs. with a brief description.

Cabbage 1

“Cabbage” oil on canvas

River Rocks

“River Rocks” mixed media on paper

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Wicker basket with apples and pears

Wicker basket with apples and pears by John Dyess

Because I have been creating paintings, drawings and illustrations for over fifty years, I’ve been thinking a lot about the value of my “art”. The apples and pears in a wicker basket, that was my subject matter, for this painting, were eaten and had value as food to nourish my body, but my painting can only be looked at.




Positive and Negative Space by JoDye

Positive and Negative Space by JoDye

This image began as a digital photograph,taken in my living room in the late afternoon. Recently I have created a series of digital paintings with an emphasis on the silhouette of architecture and objects. Black is prominent with the negative space layer using textured paintings I have created traditionally.I was thinking of stained glass windows while creating this image. I have printed some of my digital paintings, created in this style, on canvas and then applied black enamel paint and oil paint on the canvas print. You can view other digital paintings on previous posts.Since these images are so different from my illustrations I decided to sign them with the name JoDye,which has become an alter ego for me.

Richard by Greg MacNair

I’ve known Greg since 1981,when he was just beginning his career as an illustrator and I was at mid career, I was impressed with his drawing then and more impressed with his paintings now. This is a painting of a friend of ours Richard Bernal and this and other paintings may be viewed at This painting and other paintings are for sale and if you are interested in commissioning illustrations or portraits contact Greg .

Still Life with a blue vase and onion by Greg MacNair.

Still life of a rose and paint roller by Greg MacNair


Oil on canvas board still life by John Foster Dyess

This sketch of a still life was created about fifteen years ago. I recently found a digital reproduction of it while organizing my computer files.

Two vases and a crystal glass

This photo was taken with my Minolta Damige 5414 in 2003 and was an early “artistic” composition with this digital camera. This camera is a point and shoot with 4 mega pixels which was a good first digital camera for my needs in 2003. Seeing my photos immediately freed me to experiment with different points of view.

To create this photo I placed this arrangement of vases and a drink glass in the sunlight to achieve an interesting design of shadows and refracted light.

Dawn - digital image by John Foster Dyess

This was one of my first digital photos, using my Minolta Dimage s414, of reflections and refractions taken from above. The subject was the light going through soap bottles and a plastic drinking glass that created these shapes on my kitchen counter. It was a morning and the sun was coming through trees and then my kitchen window that made this,to me, amazing image. I did additional adjustments to this photo  in photoshop .


Another “everyday” object photo,this one taken in 2004 with my first digital camera. I placed the steamer on blue paper . The sunlight came through a skylight. This photo is about circles and ellipses.