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Magnolia Strange painting step one

This is the beginning stage of a portrait study of the model Magnolia Strange that I did during a painting from a model session at Webster Groves Christian Church. I used Palmer Prism Tempera paint on a 16″ wide by 20″ high stretched canvas.This stage of the portrait study took about one hour an forty five minutes of time. I will continue working on this painting using photo reference I took of the model.

detail painting step one

Detail of the painting of Magnolia Strange.

Photo of Model Magnolia Strange

Photo of Magnolia Strange


painting  from life of a model with tattoos on her arm by John Foster Dyess

This is a tempera painting on canvas 16″wide by 20″ high.


detail of painting


painting from life portrait

I painted this portrait of a young woman during  a group painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church in St.Louis MIssouri. It was painted in Palmer Prism Tempera paint on 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas. The model posed in 20 minute sessions for two hours. I finished the painting in my studio using a photo I took of the model as reference.


detail from painting


detail 2


painting from life of a model named Kelly

This painting study of Kelly was started from life at a painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church, which is located near Webster Groves,Missouri.I took a few reference photos of her and finished working on the painting in my studio. She had an interesting hair style.The final size is 17″ wide x 20″ high and is painted with Palmer Prism Tempera paint on mat board.


painted from life at WGCC in about one hour painting time.


step 2 working from photo in my studio


step 3 working from photo in studio


detail of finished study painting of Kelly.


Last night I painted a model named Stephanie  with a group of artists at Webster Groves Christian Church which is near St. Louis Missouri. I spent about an hour painting from life an about an hour, painting in our home studio ,from a photograph I took of Stephanie . I used tempera paint on canvas.


beginning stages of a painting of a model named Amy

This painting was painted from life at a painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church. I took several photos of the model and will continue working on this  using the photos for reference. I used tempera and acrylic paint on canvas board. I painted over an existing painting with various acrylic colors.


five minute drawing of Amy


sketch of Amy


reference photo of Amy



Painting of the model Blyre

Most of this  painting of a model named Blyre was painted from life at Webster Groves Christian Church,which is located near St.Louis Missouri. It was completed today as a looked at a digital photo I took during the model session. It was painted on Plyex Canvas Foundation Board 22″ wide x 38″ high and was painted with Palmer Prism Tempera and Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint. I painted over a previous model painting I had painted from life. Total painting time was about two hours. The model was wearing artificial flowers in her hair.


detail of painting of Blyre


reference photo of Blyre



painting of Maxi Galmour by John Dyess

painting of Maxi Galmour by John Dyess

This painting of a costumed model named Maxi Galmour was painted with Palmer Prism Tempera on 20″ x 24″ canvas panel .The model had a painted face and was wearing an interesting costume. I have been,recently,painting with broad strokes using foam brushes,just concentrating on shapes and colors seen in the model.I have been working on commercial illustration assignments,that are informational, using pen and ink and colored,after scanning into my computer ,with photoshop. Painting from life is relaxing and fun for me,and a good counter point to my recent “tight” drawings

seated model

seated model

This model painting from life was painted with foam brushes using Palmer Prism Tempera.

detail of seated model

detail of seated model