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“In the Beginning” oil painting by John Foster Dyess

The following is the step by step process I took to create this painting.


This is a digital photograph of my “butcher tray” palette with liquid acrylic paint on it.

I have used this type of palette for decades because it is easily cleaned by
washing with soap and water.This is a similar photo to the palette photo that became the basis for my painting.I placed the photo in a folder on my computer and began to look at this “found” image for a short time. I began to see a universe of planets and space. I used photoshop to create this digital painting. I began to visualize my version of the creation of the universe. My concept was to show planets colliding and changing. I have worked on this digital file off and on for several years. I have tried to express my thoughts that creating is not easy and there can be many collisions of ideas.


This is the original proportions of this digital painting. I decided to crop the file into a more square format.

I made a canvas print of my digital file and applied oil paint over it to give a hand made look.The final canvas painting is 12″wide x 13.25 ” high


detail 1 of painting


detail 2


detail 3


detail 4