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cosmic textures 3

My digital image “Cosmic Textures”  is part of a body of my art that I call “Inner Space”. It is a universe that exist within me that has elements of the universe that the world is part of. I see chaos in this image that may become an orderly universe.

Big Bang theory
Around 13.8 billion years ago, all the matter in the Universe emerged from a single, minute point, or singularity, in a violent burst. This expanded at an astonishingly high rate and temperature, doubling in size every 10-34 seconds, creating space as it rapidly inflated. Within a tiny fraction of a second gravity and all the other forces were formed. Energy changed into particles of matter and antimatter, which largely destroyed each other. But luckily for us some matter survived. Protons and neutrons started to form within the first second; within minutes these protons and neutrons could fuse and form hydrogen and helium nuclei. After 300,000 years, nuclei could finally capture electrons to form atoms, filling the Universe with clouds of hydrogen and helium gas. After around 380,000 years it left behind a bath of photons – the Cosmic Microwave Background that Penzias and Wilson accidentally detected. Within this were tiny ripples of matter that were stretched to enormous sizes during inflation, and in turn these became the seeds for the galaxies and galactic clusters we see today. –

in the beginning

Scientists think that in the earliest moments of the universe, there was no structure to it to speak of, with matter and energy distributed nearly uniformly throughout. According to NASA, the gravitational pull of small fluctuations in the density of matter back then gave rise to the vast web-like structure of stars and emptiness seen today. Dense regions pulled in more and more matter through gravity, and the more massive they became, the more matter they could pull in through gravity, forming stars, galaxies and larger structures known as clusters, superclusters, filaments and walls, with “great walls” of thousands of galaxies reaching more than a billion light years in length. Less dense regions did not grow, evolving into area of seemingly empty space called voids.



formation 2

When God began creating the heaven and the earth was at first a shapeless, chaotic mass,      Genesis 1,2

This image is from a body of my art that I call Inner Space, that I have been creating, first as a digital image and sometimes from the digital image I have  made a canvas print. I then paint over the print with oil paint.
This oil paint on canvas print is 29.5 ” wide by 30″ high.

inner space 21b

This is another image that I have created for my Inner Space series of digital and traditional paintings that relate to themes of space,time and inner thoughts.

Inner Space 7 final

“Global Warming” by John Foster Dyess 

This image started as a combination of digital photographs, I took of several objects and scans of textures I created. I combined the photographs and textures in the software Photoshop. I began to see various forms in my Photoshop creation and enhanced these forms using Photoshop brushes.
After I had completed my digital image I had it printed on canvas and using oil paint I glazed over the print. I have painted shapes and forms like I would if I were viewing ,with my eyes, a landscape. The difference is that this landscape painting exists in my brain.My original title was Inner Space 7, which I changed recently to Global Warming. I think the painting was speaking to me.

Global warming detail 1

This is a detail from the painting. I thought about the threat to coral reefs by,over fishing,destructive pollution,and global warming.


This part of the painting reminded me of hurricanes,and the change in recent weather patterns.

creature in distress

I see a distressed ocean creature in this detail.

art prints of this painting and other prints of my art can be purchased at



Journey 2

This is a recent image that I have created for my Inner Space series of digital and traditional paintings that relate to themes of space,time,and inner thoughts. I will continue to work on this image until there is nothing to add and additional work will take away from the image

Alternative Universe 2

Yesterday I started and finished this image ,which I have titled “Alternative Universe”. It is part of a body of art, I call “Inner Space”, that I have been creating for about two years. This image represents energy and movement. A new universe forming.

inner space 18 final

This image is the next step continuing my process of creating a digital painting for my series Inner Space. This is a continuation of my blog post of May 8.The following images are the photoshop layers of the above image.



inner space layer 3

layer 3

layer 1

layer 2

layer 0

layer 1


detail from digital painting

detail 2

detail 2

Palette photo

this is a photograph of my “butcher tray” palette with the remains of black ink and mixed watercolor.

detail of palette paint

This is an enhanced digital image of a detail of my palette photograph. I have rearranged the paint on the palette.

palette detail inverted

I inverted the color of the previous image.

DCF 1.0

this is a color enhanced photograph that I took of a light refraction. I added this to the previous image.

inner space 18 digital painting May 7,2017 copy

This is the combined layers which I have begun to paint over with a photoshop brush.

My next blog post will be a continuation of my progress on this digital painting, which will be added to my “Inner Space” series. The current title is “Inner Space 18”. I will choose a new name when I am finished with this painting.


“In the Beginning” oil painting by John Foster Dyess

The following is the step by step process I took to create this painting.


This is a digital photograph of my “butcher tray” palette with liquid acrylic paint on it.

I have used this type of palette for decades because it is easily cleaned by
washing with soap and water.This is a similar photo to the palette photo that became the basis for my painting.I placed the photo in a folder on my computer and began to look at this “found” image for a short time. I began to see a universe of planets and space. I used photoshop to create this digital painting. I began to visualize my version of the creation of the universe. My concept was to show planets colliding and changing. I have worked on this digital file off and on for several years. I have tried to express my thoughts that creating is not easy and there can be many collisions of ideas.


This is the original proportions of this digital painting. I decided to crop the file into a more square format.

I made a canvas print of my digital file and applied oil paint over it to give a hand made look.The final canvas painting is 12″wide x 13.25 ” high


detail 1 of painting


detail 2


detail 3


detail 4