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Magnolia Strange

I’m taking a break from my Fort Worth digital paintings for a few days to share my acrylic and tempera painting of model Magnolia Strange. Magnolia posed for a painting group that meets at Webster Groves Christian Church which is in St.Louis County ,Missouri. She is a model and burlesque performance artist. She was wearing a “hippy” costume that she made. I started the painting during the “live” painting session and finished it in my studio viewing photos that I took of her. I used Palmer Prism Tempera and Titanium White Liquitex acrylic paint on canvas.

detail Magnolia Strange

detail of Magnolia Strange painting.

Magnolia strange photo

Photo reference


Audrey wearing a plaid dress ,sitting in a rocking chair.

Today is the birthday of my daughter Audrey and in this blog post I’m sharing some of the paintings and drawings that she posed for me. This is one of the first of my paintings of Audrey . Oil on canvas, 16″ wide x 20″ high


Drawing of Audrey wearing a flower dress by John Foster Dyess

I have saved this dress that Audrey is wearing. Someday she will get this painting and dress. Black pen and ink drawing on vellum. Colored applied is liquid acrylic paint. 17″ wide x 26″ high This is one of my favorite drawings.


Audrey wearing a pink dress sitting in a rocking chair.

I would create a design challenge when  painting Audrey. I wanted to focus on the figure of Audrey emerging from darkness and to use the shadow shapes  as an important design element in this painting . Audrey was posing under a sky light for the photo reference I took. All of these paintings were based on photos I took. I have kept this dress also. Oil on canvas 21″ wide x 27″ high.


Audrey wearing her wedding dress at Webster Groves Christian Church. Oil painting by John Foster Dyess

I had Audrey pose for me after her wedding . I suggested to the wedding photographer that he take a similar photo in this church location. The concept of this painting was the light from above creating shapes on her wedding dress and like the previous painting the design created by light and dark.  Oil on canvas 16″ wide x 18″ high.
Happy birthday Audrey and for your patience posing for many illustrations.
Love Dad



photograph of Jim Frederick

Gallery Within

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 7.56.41 PM

Paintings by Jim Frederick

Please join us for the exhibit of Jim’s paintings at Webster Groves Christian Church on Friday March 31,2017 from 5:00pm until 7pm.All are welcome to attend.
Webster Groves Christian Church 1320 W. Lockwood Blvd.,St.Louis ,MO 63122


Tempera painting of a model by John Foster Dyess

This  painting from a model was painted at Webster Groves Christian Church along with six other artists. I painted the model from life during four 20 minute sessions. and finished it in my home working from a photograph I took of the model. I used Palmer Prism Tempera paint on mat board.The size of the painting is 21″ x 22.5″ .


detail of painting

There was going to be an art opening of Portraits of Courage on Saturday January 14 at 4:00 p.m. Because of the ice storm the opening will be January 16,2017.


painting from life of a model named Kelly

This painting study of Kelly was started from life at a painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church, which is located near Webster Groves,Missouri.I took a few reference photos of her and finished working on the painting in my studio. She had an interesting hair style.The final size is 17″ wide x 20″ high and is painted with Palmer Prism Tempera paint on mat board.


painted from life at WGCC in about one hour painting time.


step 2 working from photo in my studio


step 3 working from photo in studio


detail of finished study painting of Kelly.


Steve Scherrer February 9, 1960 – November 6,2014.

I only knew Steve for a short time, about five years, but we became friends and shared conversations about art ,family and politics.


pastel drawing of Greer by Steve Scherrer

Steve and I  got to know each other when we started going to a drawing and painting  group at the St.Louis Artists’ Guild, about five years ago. This is a drawing Steve did of a model during one of the drawing and painting sessions. We started a drawing and painting group ,about three years ago, at Webster Groves Christian Church, which continues. I miss the conversations we had while driving to these drawing and painting sessions


“Armistice” by Steve Scherrer

Several Years before he died Steve started creating  a series of sculpture constructions called Curiosities & Consciousness. The Armistice sculpture was in a show, I curated, titled “Ode to Peace” at the Gallery Within Webster Groves Christian Church.


Painting study of model named Stephanie

Today I worked on a tempera painting that I had started of a model several months ago. The model posed at Webster Groves Christian Church where a painting group paints from a model twice a month. I used Tempera paint on a canvas which is 24″ wide x 30 ” high. I may do some additional work on this painting.

Detai of painting

detail of painting

Photo of Stephanie

photo of the model


Dragon Girl created by Jeff Weigel

There will be an art opening titled “Read with Me” on Sunday May 15,2016 from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the “Gallery Within” (Webster Groves Christian Church,1320 W. Lockwood Ave. St.Louis MO 63122 } featuring the art of Jeff Weigel author and illustrator along with students’ artwork on reading and literacy. These are the students of John Dyess from St.Louis Community College at Meramec.


Dragon Girl by Jeff Weigel

Space mechanics-color

Space Mechanics by Jeff Weigel


Read and grow by Irina Pavlova

The art on this post was created by three of my art students at St.Louis Community College at Meramec,for an assignment to design art that promotes the importance of learning to read and reading books.This art,the literacy art and designs by other Meramec art students and the illustrations of illustrator Jeff Weigel will be part of a gallery show in  “The Gallery Within” at  Webster Groves Christian Church.


Read to Grow by Felisha Dattoli


Read and Grow by Felicia A Moore