I am a native of St. Louis, and have a BFA from Washington University School of Fine Art. I am an illustrator,painter,photographer and teacher creating art and illustration for almost fifty years.

My clients include many major corporations and companies throughout the United States,including Anheuser-Busch,general Electric and the St.Louis Baseball Cardinals to name a few. I have been published in many widely distributed magazines such as Field&Stream,Outdoor Life,Sports Afield and TV Guide.

I have taught illustration and drawing at Washington University,Webster University,Meramec Community College and Jefferson College.

Image created for self promotion
  1. Debby Dyess says:

    Grandpa Zeke teaching us “M – I – crooked letter-crooked letter – I – crooked letter-crooked letter – I – humpback-humpback – I”

  2. Glenn Myers says:

    Great idea, John, this is a blog I will enjoy!

  3. Mary Ann Grande says:

    Love this blog!!

  4. Ellen Dixon says:

    I am so excited to know about your blog and loved looking through your first entries. It’s cool that you’re describing some of your creative processes, as the field of visual arts has always been a closed book to me. Now that I’m in my dotage, I’ve “taken up” watercolors, and this process itself has swept me into enticing but utterly foreign worlds of perception. Psychotherapy can be a creative process, but it is also a very analytic and cognitive one, and my brain is both surprised and grateful to discover such a paradigm shift so late in life. I love your memories and musings, and that wonderful steamboat illustration took me right back to my childhood years in Pascagoula, Mississippi, literally on the beaches and bayous of the Gulf coast. Your family photographs are a real treaure – keep them coming! With thanks, Ellen

  5. johndyess says:

    Thanks Ellen. I will keep them coming

  6. rj sjay says:

    John, what a great idea to spotlight illustrators this way. Very Nice. Michael’s spot was terrific. I even know how he does what he does and still don’t know how he does it!


  7. rj shay says:

    John, what a great idea to spotlight illustrators this way. Very Nice. Michael’s spot was terrific. I even know how he does what he does and still don’t know how he does it! Thanks!


  8. Dave says:

    Hey, Hey John Dyess!!!
    What a great site. But then again all your stuff was always great. Boy do I remember the days of markers and exacto knives at Maritz. It was where all of us grew up. It was a time of evolution of our industry but nothing like the computer age of 15 years ago. When I started it was a big deal to have 2 slides actually dissolve into each other!
    Good to see you are still at it.

  9. Sunshine says:

    Thanks for the visit and simply wonderful illustrations here…
    ~abundant blessings and peace to you 🙂

  10. rick de lome says:

    I worked with Tom Lavelle for many years, at Maritz, and my design studio. Tom worked for us right up until he passed away. I have alot of his drawings, renderings, illustrations, etc, that I would love to share with you. I have about 2 boxes of stuff. please contact me.

    • johndyess says:

      I would love to see them. I worked with Tom at Maritz and before that I worked with Tom at Bob Ruether and Associates. He encouraged me, at that time, to go to work for Maritz,which I did shortly after Tom suggested that I work there.

  11. Hi John, I would love to feature your art in my magazine, FOX & NUG. We are doing a piece on Sojourner Truth and I would love to use your illustration, we would give you full credit for the art and provide our readers with a link to see more of your art. Please contact me back when you can!

  12. Wayne says:

    Hi John, I have an enquiry regarding one of you art work. Can you please contact me on lureenvy@hotmail.com?

  13. Michael Frierson says:

    John, I would like to use your illustration of High Noon in a book I’m doing on editing.
    Is it screen captures? Is it available? Thanks
    Dr. Michael Frierson

  14. John,

    I’d like to connect. I attended the seminar in 1977 at Tarrytown. Lon Levin lonfellow@gmail.com http://www.levinlandstudio.com It was mind-blowing from me and I learned a ton especially from Cober. I am good friends with his daughter now and covered her in my magazine online called the Illustrators Journal. I publish quarterly, The Illustrators Journal, and we interview top artists, art directors and illustrators. I’d like to interview you for our Spring Edition which will feature the new wave of commercial artists, Artist Reps and ADs.

    A little about me…I worked in the Entertainment business (WB, Sony, Fox) as a creative director and head of an art department at Warner Bros. I’ve illustrated 30 books and my work has appeared in every type of pub and online areas around. The Illustrators Journal was founded with the mission of connecting artists to each others work in order to foster community. To share experiences, techniques and styles. I’m really impressed by your work and would love to include you.

    I’m sending you links to the pub below. We have a loyal following and our pubs reach thousands of interested viewers.

    Our Winter issue will come out in January. Withe the help of one of our big supporters on the board of New York’s Society of Illustrators we will get a huge boost in readership.

    In that issue we are interviewing 5 of the top female artists in the world among others

    I hope you’ll allow us to feature you in our upcoming Spring addition



    PS (Do you remember a young woman named June from Toronto?

  15. Hello! I am looking to get in touch with Jim Dickinson about a poster he made for a polo match. Would you have any information on him?

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