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Fort Worth Live Stock Exchange

Seen and recorded in 2008 while visiting Fort Worth ,Texas. Digital painting created after returning to St.Louis. John Dyess

Cattle Crossing Fort Worth

Cattle crossing sign in the Stockyards,Fort Worth,Texas.Digital painting by John Foster Dyess

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Fort Worth Reflection a

“Fort Worth reflections a ” by John Foster Dyess

In April of 2008, while visiting our friends, Reverend Tim Carson and his wife Kathy, in Fort Worth,Texas, my wife and I were treated to a tour of the city and the well known stock yards. As usual, I began taking numerous photographs of our varied surroundings, fascinated with street scenes and the city’s architectural landscape. As I viewed the images on my computer monitor, after I returned to St.Louis, I became aware of details, subtleties, colors and shapes I hadn’t particularly noticed through the view finder. This was the creative spark, the genesis, for beginning a new body of work that I call ” A visiting Artist’s View of Fort Worth”

The Process
It begins with a digital photograph. I shoot what I find visually stimulating and exciting.
This is not only the item itself, such as a building, street, motorcycle or signage, but — the abstract shapes, colors and nuances found within the surface and contours of the subject matter.
I could be shooting from inside a moving car, from an office window looking out, from the top level of a parking garage or walking on street level. When shooting in familiar places such as my home town, St.Louis, I find there is such a personal association in my conscious mind with the buildings and structures that I am distracted somewhat from finding those true abstractions of shape and shadow in form that seem to reveal themselves in this Fort  Worth series. Back in the studio I focus on the design quality of the photograph. I might intensify or mute certain colors or manipulate the nature of shapes, texture or shadow. I consider the final image one rendered as mixed media. Finally the image is printed on a paper surface and a paper size that best expresses my creative vision.

I have a long career as an illustrator and painter and I am always looking for a new process or creative outlet. I continue to combine traditional methods and digital methods in a symbiotic approach to enhance the final piece of work .

John Dyess

Fort Worth Reflections

“Fort Worth Reflections b” by John Foster Dyess

Ft. Worth Motercycles

This is another version of Harley Horses where I used a different technique than the image I posted on September 30. Both are based on a photograph that I took while visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards. More images of my art can be viewed at

detail Ft. Worth Motercycles

This is a detail of Harley Horses

Harley Horses

“Harley Horses” digital painting by John Foster Dyess

This digital painting was based on a photograph that I took while visiting the Stock Yards in Fort Worth,Texas. The name that I gave to this painting seemed appropriate because the motorcycles parked on the street are the horses of the twenty first centuary.

San Francisco

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Sophia's drawing 72217001

This is a drawing, by my grand-daughter Sophia, of Pikachu,a Pokemon character.She just turned seven years old and drew this from memory. Yesterday she asked me how I painted pictures so real. Then we then went to my studio where she drew and colored Pikachu. I was impressed that she showed the highlights in the eyes. I began drawing comic book characters when I was a child, about that age,and many years later I’m still drawing and painting. My son Mike and his two sons went to Pokemon Go in Chicago ,this weekend. That’s three of my grandchildren doing Pokemon activities. I better learn about Pokemon.



Forest Vines

Forest Vines drawing

My drawing of forest vines is based on a photograph I took on the property of my wife Carolyn’s cousin in North Carolina.  Yes it took a long time. Lots of shapes to draw with lots of ink dots.

Forest Vines detail

detail of forest vines drawing

End of a Season

“End of a Season” by John Foster Dyess

This image, that I created in 2000, is based on several photographs that I took in the fall of 2000, of leaves,mushrooms, a work glove and a dead bird that I found. I have been recently creating images  of life cycle: death, birth,renewal and metamorphose ( “change or cause to change completely on form or nature”) Although this image was not based on a photo that I took on my recent trip to North Carolina, it fits into my new body of images titled “A walk in the woods”.
This is a mixed media painting which includes digital and pen and ink on paper. The size is 12.5″ wide by 9″ high.

Journey 2

This is a recent image that I have created for my Inner Space series of digital and traditional paintings that relate to themes of space,time,and inner thoughts. I will continue to work on this image until there is nothing to add and additional work will take away from the image

Magnolia final painting

This is my final work on the painting of model Magnolia Strange.You can view the beginning stages of this painting in my previous two blog posts.

Magnolia final painting detail

detail of the painting of Magnolia Strange.