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Dynamic Shape

This is one of my digital images that was fun for me to to create. John Foster Dyess 12 3 17

Frankie Muse Freeman

Ten years ago I created fifty one portraits of inductees into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame, located in Atlanta, Georgia, which were to be used for a traveling exhibit sponsored by Anheuser-Busch. The exhibit was built ,my portraits were completed and then InBev bought A-B. I don’t think the exhibit ever traveled. This portrait of Frankie Muse Freeman was the first portrait that I created for this series of portraits. Today she was honored with a bronze statue which is placed in Kiener Plaza in downtown St.Louis Missouri.

Frankie Muse Freeman is an American civil rights attorney, and the first woman to be appointed to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, a federal fact-finding body that investigates complaints alleging discrimination. Freeman was instrumental in creating the Citizens’ Commission on Civil Rights founded in 1982. She has been a practicing attorney in state and federal courts for nearly sixty years.

deck shadowsI observed these shadows on my deck today and recorded them.
John Foster Dyess  12-20-17


Before the internet most illustrators collected reference images ,usually cut from magazines, which were put in categories. I have five five drawer file cabinets of reference folders of many things. I started this reference collection in the 1960’s. I’m beginning to throw these cut out images away. I decided to share some of these images on my blog. This page contains magazine advertisements from the 1960’s that showed women working in an office as a secretary before computers.I was an illustrator at a Maritz Motivation Company in the 1970’s. I remember scenes like this. I think when I started working at Maritz in 1969 there were two woman artists and one African American male artist.


The latest technology in the 1960’s-1970’s


This is a “clip art” drawing of a secretary from the 1960’s. I have never liked this style of illustration. I think it has come back into favor .


This is one of my digital and traditional paintings from my collection called Black Shapes and Textures. This painting is called Kitchen Shapes # 1.  More images in this collection can be viewed on

Largemouth Bass

My hand colored electrostatic transfer prints of fish will be for sale during the OAGallery Third Annual MANymini Small Works show which opens November Third,6-9 p.m. This drawing of a Largemouth Bass  is one of five fish drawings that will be for sale. They are framed with a white mat and brown wood frame. OA Gallery is located at 101A W. Argonne Dr. Kirkwood MO 63122 It is directly across the street from the train station.

Prints of these fish drawings  can be purchased on

Leaping TROUT

Smallmouth BassNorthern Pike

smallmouth Bass in oval mat


Physicists resolved the centuries-old debate on the nature of light by declaring that it is both a wave and a particle, but for most practical purposes, they treat it as a wave. The distance between wave peaks in a light beam is known as the wavelength, and the total range of possible wavelengths is known as the electromagnetic spectrum. The human eye processes visual information by perceiving only a small fraction of the spectrum. My light photograph is titled “Light Show” .



In optics, a caustic or caustic network is the envelope of light rays reflected or refracted by a curved surface or object, or the projection of that envelope of rays on another surface. The caustic is a curve or surface to which each of the light rays is tangent, defining a boundary of an envelope of rays as a curve of concentrated light. A common situation where caustics are visible is when light shines on a drinking glass. The glass casts a shadow, but also produces a curved region of bright light. I’ve been taking photographs of light, shadow and caustic optics for many years.This is a photo that I took in 2012 ,which was before I knew the name caustic.



DCF 1.0

This is the photograph that began my search for interesting and unusual reflections and refractions of light. I captured this reflection with my first digital camera over ten years ago. The only enhancement of this photo, in the software Photoshop, was to increase the contrast.This was a reflection of light bouncing off the brass doors of our fireplace, that appeared on our living room floor. For me, the important thing about taking this photo is that I “saw” this image and recorded it. I’ve shown this image several times on my blog “Journal of Seeing”.I have previously named this photo “Crown of Thorns” and now I think a better title is “Crown of Light”. 

Afternoon light

As I age I see beauty in simple scenes ,like this scene of afternoon light on my living room wall.